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  • Niamh Cullen

Valentine's Day

With the big day approaching fast why not treat your loved one to a unique gift this year! Order a cake or a batch of delicious cupcakes to treat the love in your life.

Cupcakes are always a good option as you could go with normal sized ones or mini ones and it’s the perfect excuse to go with, my personal favourite flavour, red velvet. That’s not to say you have to, chocolate is a good choice or vanilla is great too! There are also many designs you could go for. You could get their name on some cupcakes, some love hearts, love bugs, roses, chocolate writing, strawberries, cherries, red/ pink sprinkles, chocolate drizzles or if you’re feeling extra loved up you could pop a sneaky engagement ring into one of the cupcakes ;)

Mini cupcakes come in batches of 24, which sounds like a lot but they’re only bite sized so it’s actually the perfect amount. They last around 2-3 days too so there’s nothing saying you’d have to eat them all on Valentine’s Day either. But there is absolutely no judging for eating them all same day if it tickles your fancy! These batches start at around €25.00 but can go up depending on your desired design and flavour.

Normal sized cupcakes are a great option too. They come in batches of 12 which is a little more manageable and can also keep for around 3 days (if you can last that long). Batches of 12 normal cupcakes start at around €30.00 but again, prices can go up depending on design and flavour.

If you’re not feeling cupcakes for whatever reason or would like to make more of a statement you could go for a small (or large) cake. When it comes to cakes, there are so many different options its very difficult to know where to start. Buttercream, sugar paste, naked cake… hearts, roses, chocolate decorations, fruit… you can always to something like the cupcakes but in cake version or you could go with something more elaborate as you’ll have more space for decoration. A Valentine’s message could be written on the cake, chocolate drips (very popular at the moment), you could do a heart shaped cake or a good option is a little figure on top – a teddy bear is a great choice. An amazing idea that I have been seeing loads lately is a heart shaped cake decorated like a love heart sweet.

At the end of the day, I’m sure your loved one is going to love any gift or though that you put into Valentine’s day, I just think personalised cupcakes or a personalised cake is a great idea as it is unique to them. If you’ve got your own idea for a design or would like some more help deciding please feel free to contact us through the website, Facebook, Instagram, Email or Phone.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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