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  • Niamh Cullen


While others may be wondering what to dress up at or what party to go to, I’ll be here… on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, deciding on what Halloween treats I can make this year.

Halloween is always a great time to get into the kitchen and get baking. Its an even better time to get your children involved, after all, it doesn’t matter if things don’t go perfectly you can just add some edible blood or make it a scar, cut or bruise. It’s not about getting things perfect, its about hiding your mistakes (and the fun, always the fun!).

You may be thinking that you need lots of fancy equipment to make creative treats but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you want to go for cookies, cupcakes, Barmbrack, a full cake or even a scary gingerbread house, I hope to inspire you and give you some spooky ideas.

Sugar cookies is always a great option. They’re quick and easy to make and taste delicious too! Find any sugar cookie recipe online and start there. You don’t even need to make it from scratch, you can buy almost anything these days, a lot of places selling ready to roll sugar cookie dough. Once it gets to rolling out the dough (however you decide to get there) be creative with your shapes. You can use household crockery or even cut shapes out of paper and use that as a template, the creepier the better. You can always go for the traditional Royal Icing to decorate your cookies but it’s time consuming to make and it’s not the easiest. The easiest icing to decorate cookies with is juts icing sugar mixed with a little bit of water. You can add food colouring and boom, done. You can also add food colouring to your cookie dough and save even more time with decorating.

I didn't make these cookies.

If you decide to go for cupcakes there are even more options. There are lots of different flavours and lots of different icings you can go for. The options are endless for creativity with cupcakes too. You can use different types of sweets, Halloween treats, cookies and sugar paste of course. Sugar paste is like edible play-dough. You can buy it in lots of different colours and mold it into any shape you’d like. It is one of the most useful ingredients in cake decorating. You can also buy an ingredient called piping gel, it is just an edible gel that you can dye different colours. You could dye it red for blood or green for slime. There are just so many possibilities when decorating cupcakes.

I didn't make these cupcakes.

You can also go for something that isn’t necessarily about the decorating such as a Barmbrack, carrot cake or some gingerbread muffins. Gingerbread muffins are lovely around Halloween time and Barmbrack is the centre of a Halloween tradition. I remember when I was younger we would always get a Barmbrack and the only reason any of us as children would take a slice was to try to get the slice with the ring inside. So, if you are going to bake a Barmbrack make sure to buy a little ring and bake it into it. (please please please make sure it is a material that can be put in the oven for a long time or else when you remove the cake from the oven push the ring inside through the bottom of the cake and when you flip it over nobody will know the difference!)

I didn't make these.

Whatever you decide to go with, enjoy it and enjoy the baking process too!

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