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  • Niamh Cullen

Communions & Confirmations

I know you think I’m way too early for this but it’s officially time to start getting ready for the communion and confirmation season. See I know this because I’m already close to booked up for May and June just with Communion and Confirmation cakes! There’s good news and better news… the good; I still have some availability so get your orders in and the better; I’m here to help you decide on the perfect cake for your little one’s big day.

So, whether you’re having a small gathering at your house, going out for a nice meal or going all out with a party for the big day, there will be a cake to suit your plans.

Let’s start with size. Generally speaking, an 8” (which would be your “standard” cake) will feed between 10 – 14 people. This would be large enough for a family meal or a little gathering at the house but will not be enough if you’re having a party. You could always up the size to a 10” (feeding 20 – 25 people) or a 12” (feeding 25 – 30) but that’s not the only solution. You can always stick with the standard cake and just get some matching cupcakes! Some people prefer to grab a cupcake anyway and this way, your cake masterpiece gets to stay in tact that little bit longer. Luckily for you, we have extended our free cupcakes with any cake offer to January too so if you put in your order for your communion or confirmation cake anytime through January, you’ll get 12 cupcakes free! Can’t turn down that offer!

Next onto flavours… Here at Koala Cupcakes we offer a wide range of flavours for cakes and cupcakes. Some of these include; vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, chocolate biscuit, mint chocolate, chocolate orange, lemon, white chocolate, coffee cake… the list goes on. Whilst I will always recommend red velvet cake because it’s my personal favourite, I understand it’s not everyone’s. Chocolate biscuit is by far the most popular, vanilla with jam and buttercream is a classic and chocolate orange is creeping up into my favourites. It is important to consider who you’re feeding however. Maybe it’s a child or two and mainly adults, chocolate may not be the best choice. I know that you could argue that it is the child’s big day, and you’re right, but you are about to spend good money on a cake that only a couple of people may pick at… not good! Maybe it’s mostly children and a couple of adults where coffee cake might appeal to you it would definitely be the wrong choice, who needs children hopped on coffee cake! Maybe go with something simple and classic like vanilla or lemon. At the end of the day, a child see’s cake, they eat it! You may also consider flavours along side price. Generally, chocolate biscuit is the most expensive flavour. Vanilla, chocolate and red velvet are the cheapest. Keep that in mind when choosing too, especially if you’re on a budget!

Last but not least and definitely the most fun part, design!! Where to even begin… there are just so many options when it comes to design. I will, of course, include some images at the end of different types of cakes. My favourite for a little girl’s communion is the barbie doll cakes with the white dresses. Unfortunately for me, this trend seems to have died! I like the plain round cakes too with just a little bit of decoration, simple but effective. One of my favourite communion cakes that I have made was for a little boy named Matteo and it was navy, turquoise and white with two little boy figures on the side with a dog, may have been one of my favourite cakes to make ever let alone just communion cakes! I loved It because the navy was unusual and matched with the turquoise it just looked great. I like when a customer comes to me with a unique idea, it’s a nice change for me and it will make your little one’s day even more special for them. Remember, there are going to be hundreds of children making their communion/ confirmation in and around the same time and in the day of social media, as sad as it is everything seems to have become a competition. Don’t be afraid to do something different and stand out. If you're struggling to come up with some ideas, Pinterest is always a good source of inspiration or you could always send me a message and we can come up with something that I'm sure you'll be happy with.

I know it’s only January but you don’t want to wait until March or April to order your communion/ confirmation cake as all bakeries will be booked out (I’ve had orders in since Halloween!!). Plus, now is the best time to order from Koala Cupcakes with the 12 free cupcakes deal. I hope this helped even just a little bit with choosing your cake and if there’s anything else or you have any questions just get in touch with us through any of our channels.

Happy caking!

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